MMRG Equipment for sale

Note this is pickup only in Chino Valley, Arizona, as most is too expensive to ship.

For further information contact Bob K7POF

AEI Code Reader MVA-RO $35.00 OBO

Advanced Electronics 7514 Noise figure indicator $50.00 OBO

Astron RM-50 $100.00 OBO

Central Electronics MM2 Scope $60.00 OBO

Central Electronics 20A Exciter $60.00 OBO

Central Electronics 10B Exciter $60.00 OBO

CNR UC2-A Up converter                                                        $10.00 OBO

Collins KWM2                                                                           $400.00 OBO

Collins 516F2                                                                           $150.00 OBO

Condor systems CS-8130 antenna control                             $30.00 OBO

Datatech switch panel                                                             $20.00 OBO

Dell Windows XP rack mount computer                                  $25.00 OBO

Dell Windows 2000 rack mount computer                              $25.00 OBO

Dell rack mount monitor, mouse and keyboard                   $25.00 OBO

EC Test encoder Generator $50.00 OBO

EIP 445A Microwave frequency counter $100.00 OBO

Electronics Measurements Power supply $25.00 OBO

GE CRO-3A Scope $25.00 OBO

GE Master II equipment (repeaters, power supply, amps) in rack cabinet $150.00 OBO

Hallicrafters HT37 $100.00 OBO

Hallicrafters Sky Buddy  S19R $50.00 OBO

Hallicrafters S-36 $75.00 OBO

Hallicrafters S-41G $40.00 OBO

Hallicrafters S-42 Speaker $100.00 OBO

Hallicrafters SX-100 $100.00 OBO

Harris MPS 90 AM AGC/ AM limiter $50.00 OBO

Harris Modulation monitor $50.00 OBO

Harrison 6255A Dual Power supply $50.00 OBO

Heathkit HM102 HF Watt Meter $25.00 OBO

Heathkit HM-2102 vhf Watt Meter $25.00 OBO

Heathkit TC-1 Tube Tester $50.00 OBO

Henry 2K-2 $400.00 OBO

Hewett Packard Bolo Meter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP120 B Oscilloscope $50.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 410C voltmeter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 415E SWR Meter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 432A Power Meter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 435A Power Meter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 435B Power Meter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP3400a Voltmeter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 3406A Broad Band Volt Meter $50.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP 4100 Laser Printer $20.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP 4107 Laser Printer $20.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP4206A Broadband sampling voltmeter $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP4260 universal bridge $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP4288 DE MILLIAMP METER $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP4815A Vector impedance meter $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP7550 Graphic Plotter $40.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 8357-A Freq. time interval analyzer $30.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 8901 B Modulation Analyzer $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 8970-B Noise figure meter $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 70000A Spectrum Analyzer $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 70001A Mainframe $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 70004A Spectrum Analyzer $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 70100A Power Meter $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 6820C Sweep Oscillator $100.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 11759D Dynamic Ghost $50.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 85837 Dynamic Ghost $50.00 OBO

Hewett Packard 85046B Test Set $10.00 OBO

Hewett Packard HP-85837 Comb generator $50.00 OBO

Home made scope $20.00 OBO

Hughes V Band sweeper supply $150.00 OBO

ILX lighwave presion current source $10.00 OBO

Johnson Viking 1 $75.00 OBO

Small Johnson  Matchbox W/SWR Bridge $150.00 OBO

Kachina 505DSP w/control head and software disc $150.00 OBO

Lakeshore VFO for 10A & 20A $50.00 OBO

Meissner EX VFO (Signal Shifter) $50.00 OBO

MFJ like small VHF, UHF cross needle SWR meter $50.00 OBO

Microwave Power devices solid state amp $5.00 OBO

Motorola Modulation monitor $50.00 OBO

PAD 1601L power supply $20.00 OBO

Philco Microwave Power Monitor $100.00 OBO

Phillips 5192 Programable Synshesizer $100.00 OBO

Polaroid 2PV Vector analizer $100.00 OBO

PTS 160 Frequencey Synthesizer $100.00 OBO

PTS 250 Frequencey Synthesizer $100.00 OBO

Rack mount APS $25.00 OBO

Radio Tester ? $25.00 OBO

RF Communications  RF805 amplifier $50.00 OBO

Rhode & Schwarz TV Test Receiver $100.00 OBO

Rhode & Schwarz TV Test Transmitter $100.00 OBO

Scope NO NAME W/O Cabinet $15.00 OBO

Shure M267 Microphone Equalizer $25.00 OBO

Sencore  3187 Modulator receiver decoder $25.00 OBO

Sencore  3187B Modulator receiver decoder $25.00 OBO

Sencore DM3382 Demodulator $25.00 OBO

Sencore ATSC997-552 signal source $25.00 OBO

Sigma PDX-2615 multiport combiner $25.00 OBO

Singer NM-21 Radio Noise Meter $50.00 OBO

Scientific Atlantic Position indicator $50.00 OBO

Scientific Atlantic 4116-10 Remote control unit $100.00 OBO

Scientific Atlantic 2150 control unit $50.00 OBO

Stanford Research Rubidium 10 MHz freq. standard $100.00 OBO

Tektronix RFA300 measurement set $100.00 OBO

Tektronix 5111 Storage Oscilloscope $80.00 OBO

Tektronix 2232 Scope $80.00 OBO

Tektronix 1450-1 TV demodulator $50.00 OBO

Tektronix TDC-10 tuneable down converter $50.00 OBO

Tektronix 1103 Power Supply $50.00 OBO

Tektronix 067-0886-03 TEWT modulator $50.00 OBO

Tono O-777 communications terminal $10.00 OBO

Varian VPW 2838 Power Supply $50.00 OBO

Varian VPW 6893B3 Power Supply $50.00 OBO

Varian VZC 6965F7 700 watt C band Transmitter $250.00 OBO

Varian  VR III TWTA  Power Supply $200.00 OBO

Varian VPW 2806LTI Power supply $100.00 OBO

Vintage 5 meter phone transmitter $20.00 OBO

Vertex VX-150 2 meter hand helds (2) W car cord $25.00 OBO

Videotech DDM-500 demodulator $50.00 OBO

Wiltron Sweep Gereator 6628A 8-12.4 gig   $100.00 OBO

Wiltron Sweep Gereator 6630B 12.5 to 20 gig $100.00 OBO

MICROPHONES and associated items

Audio Rider 1GC 2000-2 $15.00 OBO

Electrovoice EV915 $25.00 OBO

HTD2 HT81 $20.00 OBO

Hisonic WHM-308 $15.00 OBO

Hisonic WHM-800 $15.00 OBO

Kachina Desk Mike $35.00 OBO

Motorola Hand Mic with Modular Connector $15.00 OBO

Microphone System 3-9-9A $20.00 OBO

New Kachina hand microphones w/8 pin connector $15.00 each OBO

Optimus 33-30 $15.00 OBO

Realistic 21-1172 $5.00 OBO

Sony F-255 $5.00 OBO

Sure 444D $35.00 OBO

Tube amp pre amp $15.00 OBO

Tube ultra gain Mic-200 $20.00 OBO

Tuner CS-2 $10.00 OBO

Various mike stands $15.00 and up each OBO