2022 MMRG membership picnic

Attendees enjoying the shade tree below

Pat KK7PFB, Tom M7MMC and his MYL Deb

John KT7P

Larry KG7TTD and his MYL Deb

Brian K9POF (K7POF’s Grandson)

Dale WD8MHM winner or the HRO $50.00 gift certificate

Bob Sitterley K7POF and Sharon Gendron W7PAY doing the drawing

Mike W6UND of California and Chino Valley

Phoenix attendees enjoying some shade

Tom N7MMC (Mickey Mouse Club)

Walking Bob WA7YUL and MMRG board member Ken KK7KEN

MMRG board member Gary K7GH


Toby K7ABP and his MYL Deborah

Kathy Krause KI7IOY and Katie Napp KT7JLU

Allan Krause KI7ALL

Gary KD7EQ

Steve W7WSV

Gene WD6EEM with Steve KI7YCE showing Gene his telescope with sun filters for observing sunspots and solar flares


Steve KC7TIL

MMRG Vice President Tom Griswold WN7E

Gail Griswold K7YTI

Mike Sturdy K7YVR

Carol Sturdy MYL of K7YVR

Allan KI7ALL, Ralph W7HAM, Brian McCoy W7POF and his dad Pat McCoy (BR549)!

Robbin McCoy W7POF and Ernie (the cook) K7IOG

Gary KD7EQ, Dale WD8MHM, Doug May W7IXA and Steve W7WSV