Current MMRG Officers, Board Members and Chairmen





Current MMRG Officers and Board Members

President Since 2008

Treasurer since 10-4-2017

And Tech. Chairman

K7POF Bob Sitterley




Vice President Since 2014

N6MY Ray Tyrrell

Get Well, Sympathy Card Chairman and Membership Chairman

Text Box: N6MY
Prescott Valley, AZ

I was first licensed as a teenager while living in Newport Beach, CA at the Los Angeles FCC Office on July 2, 1951, receiving the call: WN6NIC. This was the first day that novice tests were given in the U.S. 
Within a couple of months, I upgraded to General Class and dropped the “N”. Sometime later, I upgraded to Advanced Class.
I operated mainly on HF CW for several years. I also worked 10 meters AM mobile when, in those days, 10 meters was wide open. I was able to work DX – typically Australia – from the mobile running 25 Watts just about any time during the day. 
Ham radio took a backseat while I was raising a family and I forgot to renew my licenses. So in 1975 while living in a small community in the high Sierras of Northern California, I travelled twice to the San Francisco FCC office and retook all of my ham license tests up through Advanced Class on one trip and I took the Extra Class and First Class Commercial Radiotelephone on a second trip a month later. I was then issued my current call: N6MY. 
I still operate mainly CW on the HF bands, typically on 20 or 30 meters.   July 2017  
Ray is the owner of the 3600 IRLP Node and equipment which he connects to the MMRG 442.150 Repeater on Mingus Mountain.      February 2018	
Text Box: K7POF      Bob Sitterley      Chino Valley, AZ
I became interested in Radio at the age of nine in 1947, but I wasn't licensed until many years later.  I was first licensed in Phoenix, Arizona as KN7POF in April 1961.  I became K7POF in April of 1962, and kept that call until 1965.  Upon moving to Southern California I was issued W6BTV which I held until 1977. The W6BTV call is now The Chino Valley Vintage Radio Club call. 

I moved to Prescott, AZ in 1977 and got the K7POF call re-issued to me. About that time I joined MMRG. After two years I moved back to Southern Cal but retained the K7POF.   I moved to Chino Valley, AZ in August of 2001. 

Most of my Ham life I operated HF SSB and AM.  However in recent years a good share of my time I have spent on VHF FM and UHF FM.  During the 1980’s through about 2006 I collected and operated ham equipment from the fifties and sixties.  Now as I am getting older I have been trying to sell  off things that I no longer use. 

I am the president of the Mingus Mountain Repeater Group and a member of the tech committee which keeps the Mingus Mountain repeaters working and in good condition.  I publish the newsletter for the MMRG every quarter and circulate it among members.  A yearly meeting of members is held at my location in Chino Valley every May.                                                                             (July 2017)


Secretary Since 2014

WA7EDI Lori Cripps

Text Box: WA7EDI
Lori Cripps
Phoenix, AZ

My first amateur radio license was WN8CDR, issued to me in Trenton, Michigan.  When I received it I modified an ARC-5 transmitter for 40 meters and worked 40 meters CW trying to get a WAS.  I was using a BC-342 receiver to start with, and the use of a borrowed Collins 51J3 receiver several months later made me realize what I had been missing.  However, those months with limited equipment were great training for a beginner using CW.  The move to Phoenix came before I was able to earn the WAS, so naturally it meant abandoning those states I had earned.  Did I get the WAS here?  No.  I still don’t have it.  By that time I had a general license and finally upgraded to an amateur extra.  My Arizona call became WA7EDI, and with a new Drake TR-3 I talked to the world on SSB.  In 1968 W7CAFand I, at the ARRL Southwestern Division Convention, set a world record at 40,100 MHZ from the Townhouse Hotel to the First Federal Savings Building 3,720 feet away.   You may know W7CAF by his present call K7GH, Gary Hamman.

Presently I work 10 meters and have 58 confirmed DX entities toward the DXCC.  I am a member of the Arizona Amateur Radio Club as well as the Mingus Mountain Repeater Group. I enjoy writing articles for both clubs in the ADAW and appreciate any input from members.  I am a VE, and I’m especially happy seeing young people become interested in amateur radio.  I enjoy attending hamfests and conventions.  There is always a lot to learn by doing so, and it’s especially nice to see friends in person that we talk to on the air.  I’m glad ham radio entered my life back there in Michigan!
Text Box: WA7UID
Phil Hazlett
Glendale, AZ

Phil has been a long time supporter of the Mingus Mountain Repeater Group. He was one of the charter members of MMRG in 1975. Over the years he has been on the board of directors, president, treasurer as well as chief cook and bottle washer. Phil has also been directly involved with site work including construction of buildings and other things.

Current Board Member

Past President and Treasurer

WA7UID Phil Hazlett



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Martini glass

 Board Member Emeritus

and  past Tech Committee

W1OQ Hartley Gardner

Text Box: W1OQ
Hartley Gardner
Phoenix, AZ
Hartley is one of the premier RF techs in the area, He was involved in the technical aspects of the Mingus repeaters for many years and without his expertise the group would be in serious trouble.

Hartley, in recent years, has been tied up with the Civil Air Patrol so his time for MMRG is limited.
CAP’s gain and MMRG’s loss.

Current Board Member

And Tech Committee Member

KB7CN Jerry Roberts

Text Box: KB7CN 
Jerry Roberts
Sun City, AZ

I was first licensed in Phoenix in late 1975 as WB7OAQ and became a charter member of MMRG in early 1976.
I moved to  Pinetop-Lakeside Arizona in 1979 and resided there till moving to my current home in Cornville, AZ in 2000. I hold the no longer issued Advance class ham license and operate mostly 160,75, 40 meter bands on SSB, both from home and mobile.

Current Board Member

WB7CWW Sonja Hazlett

Text Box: WB7CWW
Sonja Hazlett
Glendale, AZ

Sonja is also one of the 1975 Charter members of MMRG. She is also a big supporter by putting up with all the time that Phil WA7UID has devoted to MMRG. She is not technical as far as radio is concerned but has been very active at the social gatherings. This can be seen in pictures from all the various picnics and work gatherings at the Mingus Mountain site.


Current Board Member

K7JOG Butch Merrill


Over the years Phil has been awarded for

his efforts. Shown here is the lifetime membership award in 2013 and 2004 for

nine years as President of MMRG.



Hartley at work

Doing what he likes best.




An older Hartley in 2000 at the MMRG Downtown Phoenix Repeater site

Central Ave and Osborne Road


Sonja (center) at Mingus Mtn. Work site






Cory with horny toad and Sonja at Mingus Mtn. site

Text Box: KC7MBR
Butch Merrill
Cornville, AZ

Butch first joined MMRG back in the nineties. He rejoined MMRG in 2013, and became a board member  at the January 2014 annual board meeting.




Butch at the May 2002 MMRG picnic at Dead Horse State park Cottonwood, AZ





Butch at the  May

2013 MMRG Picnic  at Chino Valley



A much younger  (22+Years)

WA7UID Phil, WA7VUU Dick

and KB7CN Jerry Roberts

at the Fort Tuthill Hamfest in Flagstaff




Mingus Mountain Repeater Group Inc.

K7MRG/R Mingus Mountain 147.000 + 600 with a PL of 162.2

And WA7UID/R Downtown Phoenix 147.280 + 600 with a PL of 162.2

Serving Central and Northern Arizona since 1974




  Current Board Member

KK7KEN Ken Rasbach

As of January 2017


KK7KEN Ken Rasbach

Cooking at the 2016 MMRG Picnic


Current Board Member

K7GH Gary Hamman

MMRG Board Member Gary K7GH

 and MMRG Secretary Lori WA7EDI

With the King at the POF wedding

Newest Board member / Tech

N7MMC Tom Raczykowski


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